Vision, Mission, Goals


“San Lorenzo is the renewable energy hub of the province and a leading agri-fishery and eco-tourism destination where empowered and God-loving people enjoy a progressive economy, wholesome environment, and disaster-resilient community, anchored on a more participative governance.”


“To improve the quality of life of every San Lorenzohanon through enhanced agri – fishery and eco – tourism infrastructures and facilities, development of strong economic base, adoption of new technologies which strongly promote ecological preservation and a disaster resilient environment and sustainable delivery of efficient and effective basic services.”


  1. Improved quality of life
  2. Food Security
  3. Conservation and Protection of Environment and Natural Resources Base
  4. Development of Strong Economic Base capable of Generating Self-Sustaining Growth
  5. Effective and efficient delivery of basic service
  6. Promotion of Effective Participation and cooperation between and among Government, Non-Government and People’s Organization